KK 12/2018


KK 6/2018


Andres Andresen

A rivalry of two Estonian terms for Unitas Fratrum: vennastekogudus or vennastekogu(d)?

Epp Annus

Affect, colonialism, nationalism and cultural studies

Reili Argus

A new, more thorough and modern view of Estonian syntax

Küllo Arjakas

Jaan Tõnisson’s letters to Oskar Kallas as a friend and equal

Madis Arukask

Finno-Ugric kinship in the Estonian national image: A shared emotion or a fuzzy question?

Reet Bender

On books and reading as reflected in Baltic German memoir literature

Maimu Berg

The 19th-century bridge-builders between Finland and Estonia

Martin Ehala

A view of Western Soviet studies from the West of the USSR

Andrei Hvostov

Loving the Republic – and oneself

Andreas Kalkun

The Seto tradition and traces of ancient Slavs in the Museum of Man in Paris

Kairit Kaur

About the Baltic German reception of English poetry and drama, based on the Library of the Estonian Literary Society

Tiina Kirss

Culture or the Universe? Review of a collection of essays on the methodology of cultural studies

Paul Kokla

Back home from a violent exile

Eneken Laanes

To be and to work as an Estonian

Mati Laur

Another addendum to the research on cultural relations between Germany and the Baltics

Indrek Jääts, Marleen Metslaid

Estonian ethnography and Estonian nationalism

Kristi Metste

“...until Death put a period to his life”

Merili Metsvahi

The prologue of the ius primae noctis stereotype in Estonia

Daniele Monticelli

Collective identity between theory and practice

Peeter Olesk

Two colleagues sharing a common interest

Anu Pallas

Ado Grenzstein’s pursuit to launch a daily of his own

Tanel Pern

Culture is about meaning

Raimo Raag

The Institute of Estonian Language and Literature by Sweden

Kristiina Ross

A convincing dissertation

Jaan Ross

Viennese and Berlin recordings

Kristiina Ross

On the birth of the thematic issue

Johanna Ross

Philology is gone, national focus is gone. What ­r­emains? Keel ja Kirjandus 60

Liina Saarlo

Sovietisation as a preservative for Estonian national folkloristics

Aksel Tamm, Mart Meri, Joel Sang

On the 60th anniversary of Keel ja Kirjandus: addresses by three ­former editors-in-chief – Aksel Tamm, Mart Meri and Joel Sang