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Inge Annom

The Ludza fairy tales collected by Paulopriit Voolaine

Epp Annus

True love and the its truth regimes

Krista Aru

Oskar Kallas – „heir to the Russian throne” not only for Ludza Estonians

Madis Arukask

Creation and pre-creation: A folklorist’s view

Evelin Arust

Ojārs Bušs

A dictionary and/or an experiment

Triin van Doorslaer

Attitudes towards translation, or how translation is defined

Enn Ernits

Some remarks to Jaan Kaplinski’s treatment of the plural

Enn Ernits

The first Votic textbook

Enn Ernits

Origin of the a(h)i- ~ ä(h)i-initial toponyms in South Estonia

Riho Grünthal

Külli Habicht

A dissertation on German and Estonian modal particles

Tiina Hallik

Cornelius Hasselblatt

How big is world literature?

Mall Hiiemäe

Mall Hiiemäe

The tall tales told by Jaagup Puu

Rutt Hinrikus

Personality and lifework

Mati Hint

Mechanics of the erroneous theory of three distinctive quantities in Estonian

Mati Hint

There is still more to be said about Estonian quantity

Sulev Iva

Texts representing the Estonian enclave subdialects of Leivu, Lutsi and Kraasna

Tiiu Jaago

Fairy tales of a different sort

Risto Järv

The endless and unending folk tale

Heiki-Jaan Kaalep

Estonian verb paradigm

Mare Kalda

Typological reality of the Estonian treasure tale tradition

Marja Kallasmaa

Distinction and indistinction

Eda Kalmre

An insight into the animated world of Estonians

Jaan Kaplinski

On possible equivalents of the Hebrew ruach (Greek pneuma)

Jan Kaus

Eduard Vilde’s truth and justice

Krista Kerge

Katre Kikas

Matthias Johann Eisen and his coworkers defining the folklore on Seven Moseses

Ott Kilusk

A birdseye view of some strange titles

Valve-Liivi Kingisepp

Heinrich Stahl in his time

Tiina Kirss

The diary of Aino Suits: A document of the period as well as a literary work

Kristel Kivari

Väino Klaus

Indrek Koff

Just like in a fairy tale

Brita Melts, Johanna Ross, Indrek Koff


Haldur Õim, Mare Koit

Language technology at conferences on Artificial Intelligence

Janika Kronberg

Exculpation of Jämejala: A place story by Lauri Sommer