Marit Alas

Change of place names in Pöide parish

Anni Tammemägi, Martin Ehala

Language attitudes of Estonian school students in 2011

Martin Ehala

Tiit Hennoste

he form of asking questions, epistemic status and epistemic stance

Reet Kasik

Zero-derivation and conversion in Estonian

Krista Kerge

Räägiks lingvistikast

Annika Kilgi

Use of the Estonian passive and impersonal by 17th–18th century Bible translators

Karlfried Knapp

On the epistemological status of applied linguistics

Kirsi Laanesoo

Reversed polarity rhetorical questions in Estonian everyday interaction

Valter Lang

The noble name of Kalev

Margit Langemets

Applied linguistics?

Margit Langemets

On ‘linguistic colonialism’ in the dictionary